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From Another Diving Agency?

It's easy for  PADI qualified (or other agency) divers to dive with BSAC
If you have a recognised qualification you do not have to do any cross-over or further training (unless you want to!). It doesn't matter who you trained with (recreational, commercial or military), if you've never dived in the UK before or if you haven't dived for a few seasons, you will be made very welcome!

As a Chillington Divers member you have access to club equipment, to the pool on Tuesday evenings between 9pm and 10pm, and to our instructor team. So if you would like to refresh your skills in sheltered water or in open water then we can help.

Instructors who have trained with other agencies are also exceptionally welcome. There is a straightforward induction process which recognises instructor qualifications and accreditation to able to deliver BSAC instruction.

Download the latest BSAC qualification crossover information:

Icon Other agency qualifications and BSAC diver grades (222.6 KB)

Icon Instructors from other agencies (165.0 KB)