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The Chillington Team

The Chillington Team

Chillington Divers is fortunate to have a team of volunteers who are committed to managing and developing the club in the interests of its members. The club is managed by the committee and officers are elected or appointed in accordance with the Branch Bye Laws. Training for snorkelling and diving is provided by the volunteer instructor team in accordance with BSAC training standards and methods.

Chillington Committee

Mick Edwards - Chairman

The Chairperson plays an important role as leader and figurehead in the organisation and in the conduct of Branch affairs, in Branch meetings and in all matters relating to the Branch's public image. He/she should set and maintain a course that achieves the declared objectives of the BSAC and of the Branch, as defined in its Byelaws. Mick Edwards is the chairman of Chillington Divers. Mick Edwards

Rachael Edwards -  Membership Secretary

Rachael Edwards The Branch Secretary is responsible for ensuring an efficient level of communication between Branch Committee and membership; and between the Branch and BSAC Headquarters. The Secretary has responsibility for organising, in consultation with the Chairperson, Committee Meetings and the Branch's General Meetings, taking Minutes at these meetings and publishing and circulating those to appropriate members.

Dave Hancocks - Treasurer

The Branch Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the club on behalf of the members. Chillington Divers raises money through membership subscriptions, fundraising events and donations. These funds are used for the day to day running of the Branch, for such regular expenses as pool and meeting room hire. Dave Hancock

John Fellows - Diving Officer

John Fellows The branch diving officer is responsible to the BSAC National Diving Officer for all scuba and snorkelling training and diving conducted by Chillington Divers.

Mick Powell - Training Officer (Scuba)

The training officer assists the Diving Officer and Assistant Diving Officer in organising and managing scuba diver training and diving conducted by Chillington Divers. Mick Powell

Alex Watts -  Secretary

Responsible for the collection of membership subscriptions due to the branch and to BSAC. The membership secretary also maintains the membership database and emergency contact information. Jane Prince

Andy Ashmore - Equipment Officer

Andy Ashmore The Equipment Officer advises the Branch committee on matters concerning the purchase and insurance of Branch equipment. Providing for safe and secure storage of equipment. - Arranging for training equipment allocation and for its return to store together with the maintenance of all equipment and the keeping of appropriate records.

Celia Aston - Development Officer

The Development Officer's responsibilities include marketing and communicating the club's capabilities to new and existing members and developing the club's profile in the local community. Celia Aston

Rachael Edwards - Safeguarding Officer

Rachael Edwards The Branch Safeguarding Officer has the main responsibility for managing child and vulnerable adult protection issues within the branch by implementing and promoting the BSAC Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Guidelines and branch policies. The club also has two Deputy Safeguarding Officers: Toni Haire and Derek Lum. Should you have any concerns or issues regarding the Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults in the club please contact Safeguarding in confidence, or speak to Rachael or one of her deputies.

Mike Edwards - Merchandising Officer

Mike Edwards The Branch Merchandising Officer sources branch 'branded' merchandise for purchase by members.

Hazel Ashmore Social Media Coordinator

The website and social media coordinator is responsible for the coordination of information to be published on the club's website and social media platforms in conjunction with the Safeguarding Officer and the Development Officer. Hazel Ashmore

Celia Aston - Volunteer Coordinator

Celia Aston The Branch Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for coordinating volunteer resources from both club members and from the parents or carers of young club members for the benefit and smooth running of the club. The volunteer coordinator also provides feedback to the committee on matters raised by members.


Amelia Wilkes - Young Member Representative

Young member representatives are committee members who provide a direct channel to ensure that the views of younger members are included in the plans for the devlopment and operation of Chillington Divers. Amelia Wilkes


Available - Seconded Officer

Amelia Wilkes Seconded Officers assist the committee in the administration of the club.

Social Committee

The Social Committee organise events and functions throughout the year. The committee currently comprises Celia Aston, Rachael Edwards and Toni Haire.


Social Committee