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Free Try Dives

Try Dives        Chillington Divers Try Dives

If you never tried Snorkelling or Scuba diving before, then a 'Try Dive' session is for you! We promise you an exciting and memorable experience when, in the safe environment of the swimming pool, you take your first underwater breaths.

Whether you would like to Try Diving or Try Snorkelling, Chillington Divers' experienced instructor team will safely guide you through your first steps.

What will I do on my Try Dive?

All Try Dives are conducted under the supervision of appropriate Diving Instructors and the emphasis is on ensuring that you have a great time, but that we conduct the dive safely. Firstly we will select the equipment that you need to conduct your dive. Then a full brief about safety, equipment, the dive, 'buddy' diving and the signals we will use underwater is given. During this we will answer your questions and make sure you are comfortable with the plan. Then its time to change to get in the water, a final brief and equipment check and the underwater experience begins!

Do I need to book?

You are welcome to drop in to see us on any club night. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do a try dive that night, but we can certainly arrange a date for you. Alternatively drop us an email and we will set a date that works for you - often it is the next club night, and yes it is free!

Who do I meet?

Chillington Divers has a New Member Liaison Officer and he aims to meet all Try Divers in the pool viewing area at about 8pm on the evening of your Try Dive. The New Member Liaison Officer will complete the brief formalities and arrange the equipment you need for the try dive. He will also give you an overview of what Scuba and Snorkel Diver training involves and answer any questions you may have.

I'm not a strong swimmer, does this matter?

Just let us know. Divers do need to be able to swim and if we agree that you need to become a slightly stronger swimmer, then a great way to achieve this is to develop you snorkelling skills with the club before you start to learn to scuba dive. One of our members learned to swim after retirement age and then progressed through snorkelling and became a very proficient diver. The great thing about diving is that your swimming, fitness and in water confidence will improve as you complete your training and your experience grows.

Are there age limits?

Anyone over the age of eight can Snorkel Dive, and parents, we realise that it is a school night so come for two weeks on us. For Scuba Diving then if you are twelve or over then you can participate. Those under eighteen must be accompanied to the session (although not necessarily into the water!) by a parent or guardian.

Medical Conditions

There are a limited number of medical conditions which are incompatible with diving. Below is the medical disclaimer form that we will need you to complete before diving. Please feel free to complete it and bring it along to the Try Dive session or alternatively you can complete one on the night. If you have any questions about whether a medical condition may preclude you from diving please contact the Diving Officer who can advise you and if necessary arrange for you to speak to a Diving Medical Referee.

What do I need to bring?

We have all of the diving equipment you will need for your Try Dive. So, just bring along your normal swimming things and perhaps an old tee shirt to wear under the diving equipment jacket (buoyancy compensator or BC).

When and where?

Try Dive sessions are held on Tuesday evening pool session at Codsall Leisure Centre between 8pm and 10pm.

Who do I speak to?

To arrange a Try Dive or to find out more information, please Contact us, or come along to our club night and ask to speak to our New Member Liaison Officer.

Icon Download Try Dive Medical Declaration (467.3 KB)


Should you be unable to make the declarations on the try dive medical declaration form, then you should consult a Diving Medical referee to determine whether you are able to undertake a try dive and / or whether you would be able to undertake diving or snorkel training.

Icon List of Diving Medical Referees (139.4 KB)


A photo consent form must be completed if photographs are to be taken of children or vulnerable adults (one form per person) and photographs may then only be taken following agreement with Chillington Divers' Safeguarding Officer.

Icon Try Dive Photo Consent Form (159.0 KB)


For more information about diving with Chillington Divers, download our brochure:

Icon Download the Chillington Divers Brochure (2.6 MB)