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Diving Medicals

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Diving Medicals

The self declaration system

Membership of BSAC requires all divers to complete a medical self-declaration form on joining and annually when re-joining. Also if a medical condition arises between these times, it is necessary to use this process.

Members can download a Self Declaration Form from this page.
(please note that the Self Declaration form is under review by the Medical Committee and may alter in due course)

Should a member be required to visit a Referee for examination because of having to answer 'Yes' to one of the questions on the self-declaration form, they should obtain a copy of BOTH the Medical Referee's Form AND the Referee's certificate. 

The candidate should complete the section required and then take the form for their examination. If the examination is completed successfully the Referee will complete and sign the certificate and a copy of this should be given to the Diving Officer.