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Ways to help Chillington Divers

We would like to get every member or parent / carer involved in the running of Chillington Divers, but we appreciate that not everyone wants to do this. However, you can do some really simple things to improve Tuesday evenings.

These things really assist in the smooth running of the club and help us to maintain good relations with Codsall Leisure Centre, your help will be really appreciated:

  1. Check the website for latest information about closures, cancelled dives etc. particularly in the winter.
  2. Let the instructor know if you can’t make a theory or pool session.
  3. Aim to get your kit assembled and out on poolside before 9pm so that you get the maximum amount of time in the water.
  4. In the pool area only place cylinders down on the red mats and never on the tiles.
  5. Never leave cylinders standing up and make sure weights/weight pockets are properly secured and cannot fall out when being carried or when in the pool.
  6. Get help to carry kit or to kit up, particularly if you are in danger of dropping your cylinder or dragging equipment (e.g. regulators) along the floor.
  7. Be careful not to drop weights on the tiles or your bare feet.
  8. Immediately report ANY damage in pool area to the Pool Marshall whether or not you caused it.
  9. Always complete a ‘Buddy Check’ and give you start and finish air pressure to the Pool Marshall.
  10. Overarm swimming and diving into the water is not permitted once divers enter the water.
  11. Remove weights and drain water from stab jackets after use.
  12. Wash all kit in fresh water after use - make sure you put the bung over the first stage first!
  13. Leave the building and car park quietly at the end of the evening so that we do not disturb local residents.
  14. Tell us if you would like to help, if you think we are doing something wrong or if we could improve what we do - it is YOUR club!

Thank you!